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Your promo code, PowerOfUs, is worth 4 points.
You can add as many items from the below selection to your cart, as long as the total is 4 points.

Once in your cart during checkout apply the code PowerOfUs to receive your FREE thank you gift.
(Your checkout total should be $0 and shipping will be free once code is applied)

When checking out, use your @verizon.com, @one.verizon.com or @verizonwireless.com email address in the billing details.
If you have multiple Verizon email addresses it will most likely be the inbox you received this message in.

Note: Be sure the code PowerOfUs has been applied before checking out. Orders placed without the code will be canceled and not shipped..

Level 1: These products are worth 1 point.

Level 2: These products are worth 2 points.

Level 3: These products are worth 3 points.

Level 4: These products are worth 4 points.

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